“Città di Vita” turns 70 today!

The art and spirituality publication of the Franciscan community of Santa Croce was
started in 1947. For years it was headed by Padre Rosito, with whom I had the privilege to collaborate when my Syracuse University thesis on the Sacristy of Santa Croce was published, back in 2007.





Today padre Eugen Rachiteanu is its new voice and editor in chief. I was moved by two things during the festivities. The moving short interview with Padre
Rosito, who is now in the nursing home and battling with Alzheimer’s. When asked
about Città di Vita, padre was all of a sudden lucid and clear! He said that he appreciated and loved all of the collaborators of the publication over the years. The memories and the years of hard work can not be erased even by his illness. The second amazing surprise was when dott.ssa Acidini mentioned my thesis among the noted texts published in Città di Vita over the years. I am humbled but also reminded that what we do matters, and that the echo of ones work lives on.

Let’s hope for more good in the world!!